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Help us fund our first physical restaurant!

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Meet The Family

It take a village to raise a child, they say. We say, it takes a tribe to enlighten our world. Meet the people that are putting their time, love and skills into our vision.
Our Family

More Than A Team…A Tribe

MBombo’s aim is to create an environment waltzing with excellence, great culinary experience and unforgettable collaborations.

We understand there will be challenges, obstacles, and tests in our way; that is why it is primordial to create a circle of people sharing the same level of commitment, devotion and passion for this project.

“Though it may be the beginning, I am excited to share this experience with you. At this point of our journey, we are no longer mere acquaintances…We are family.”
Gladys Nyoth


We Take The Term “Nomadic Restaurant” Very Seriously.

Come be a part of our tribe and see the magic that takes place when we gather together around food nourishing both the body and soul, with our ancestors as our witnesses.

All gatherings are heavily intentional with high-quality ingredients, thought provoking conversation and soul-warming rituals.

Top Skills

Creative Chefs

Meet the people that are putting their time, love and skills into our vision.

Gladys Nyoth

This world is a gem, and like any gem, it can break into pieces. I want to bring all these individual, beautiful pieces together through the essence of our restaurant.

Deanna Diaz

 I enjoy constructing a warm atmosphere that has the potential to be filled with magical memories of good company and good food.

Paige Murtaugh

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Preena Chand

Working with Mbombo is my way of using my skills as an emotional intelligence trainer to create more courageous conversations around the dinner table.

Lucy Martire

My mission is to connect cultures, bring play to people’s lives, and share all the unique flavors this life has to offer.

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