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Mbombo Meets Shivakali Yoga

Mbombo Meets Shivakali Yoga

Written By Preena Chand, Creative Producer, Mbombo Restaurant 

Visionary Connections

Mbombo had the pleasure of being a part of Shivakali Yoga’s culinary experience for their 18-day Yoga Teacher Training. The beautiful experience was a huge vision of our restaurant, bringing our immersive experience to retreats around the globe. Head Chef, Gladys Nyoth, agrees that the mirror of leadership, self discipline and inner strength reflects Mbombo’s ethic and became a corner stone of relationship throughout the collaboration. 

The retreat was centered on Liberty Arising, a 165 Acre property in Jucumba, California, that has been home to many varieties of spiritual and yoga retreats. The guests had an opportunity to experience meditation caves, a blanket of stars, saltwater pools and, of course, our Tribe’s incredible cuisine. The deliciousness of this retreat was developed in the kitchen.  With farm to table food, and preferences that were both vegan and gluten-free, our Team got to be creative and innovative. As an African Nomadic Restaurant, we are known for both our individuality and our amazing adaptive skills.  This came in handy as our Chefs were always on a mission, creating fresh menus daily. 

Being a part of it all.

In addition to food, our team and the participants of Shivakali connected through the process of transformation. No one coming in was left the same at the end. The amount of love and service that was offered as Seva, truly supported us a restaurant and as human beings. We understood that we were not alone, we were appreciated and the love that we felt will stay on our palates for years to come. Our coordinator, Deanna Diaz, actually had tears as she was saying goodbye. Liberty Arising and Shivakali, you truly carved a place in our hearts. Namaste.

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