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Help us fund our first physical restaurant!

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Bringing the World Back to Basics

An immersive nomadic restaurant combining African cuisines and performance art showcasing the cultures and treasures of the Motherland.
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LA’s First African Nomadic Restaurant


Events & Dinners


January 16th | DTLA, CA

Chef  Gladys Nyoth has been selected to shower DTLA with food and Love as part of the DTLA dinner club featuring Spirit Guides that will pairing their delicious cocktails throughout the evening. 




Money For The Soul: The Monthly Dinner Series

January  18th | Venice, CA

It is with excitement that we are collaborating with a team of financial  advisor to create a dinner series around financial vulnerability and financial empowerment over food and great conversation in connection to our respective journey with money (i.e financial freedom, solid money investment, stock market etc) 

Being in the process of opening, our first brick and mortar, I am thrilled to share the journey while sharing a soul-warming menu for us to grow together.





The Dames Club's Woman Official Woman

February 3rd| DTLA, CA


It is with uncontrollable excitement that the official Dames Club will debut in February 3rd, 2019  and we decided to set the year right by focusing on true solidarity. What does that mean? We are going to working on our solidarity languages to determine how the club can best support us based on our respective preferences when it comes to authentic support throughout the year. 

We all are making amazing goals for this year but there is nothing more magical that the support of women with every single one of  steps. 


What to look forward:

-introduction to your coaches (life, financial and business) 

– Afro-French hors d’oeuvres by Mbombo restaurant




Anywhere in the world |

We want  you to experience food in a way that empowers and mesmerizes the world

Our team can provide the following services

  • Immersive dinners
  • Chefs for retreats
  • private and commercial cooking classes
  • private chefs
  • personal cooking lesson (gift cards available )

Let your imagination run wild and let our tribe catch

To purchase gift cards, simply contact us via gladys@mbomborestaurant.com


AFRO-DISIACS: Mbombo Valentine's Dinner


There is nothing more special than experiencing the magic of Aphrodisiacs , Love and Culinary Intimacy

  • 5-course meal
  • surprise performances
  • African wine pairing 
  • heartfelt conversations with both your loved one and other beautiful souls 
  • an unforgettable evening 



The Dames Club's Woman Moon Gathering

January  21st| Highland Park, CA

“what if once a month: all you get to do is ‘be a woman’? 

As being affiliated with the Dames Club, we want to make sure that all women in LA have the opportunity to gather around to sync in journeys, souls, and intentions based on the ancient moon gathering in the name of the sacred feminine.  

We believe in the power of sharing each other’s stories. Come share us and let it take you somewhere wonderful


Our Vision

Once Upon A Time We Were One

There was a center: a common space where we came from, at some point in time. We are not talking about Africa, and we are not going on some tangent about the Big Bang Theory… it was something deeper and older than that.

It was a space that combined stories, traditions, various forms of pain & happiness into beautiful cosmic unity.

That space is still present inside and around all of us.

Well…what if we were to physicalize that space into one room, leading ourselves back to this level of connection? Where sharing food and giving homage to our human traits would become part of a re-found tradition that would shatter the daily obstacles separating our world? One world..or I should say…one restaurant.

Create Your Own Experience

We are not here to simply nourish your body….
We are here to help you nourish your soul.

Our door is open for collaborations. From in-store dining to private soirees, experiential dinners to multi-day retreats, you can be sure that our team will create a mesmerizing experience that will move your guests forever.
Our Team

Meet The Family

It take a village to raise a child, they say. We say, it takes a tribe to enlighten our world. Meet the people that are putting their time, love and skills into our vision.

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Our Stories

From tastings, popups, collaborations and trips, our goal is to collect all the ingredients that create a formula for a successful restaurant and a series of unforgettable memories for our future guests.

Mbombo Meets Shivakali Yoga

Mbombo Meets Shivakali Yoga Written By Preena Chand, Creative Producer, Mbombo Restaurant  Visionary Connections Mbombo had the pleasure of being a part of Shivakali Yoga’s culinary experience for their 18-day Yoga Teacher Training. The beautiful experience was a huge...

AfroAsia Dinner #tbt

We are so in love with how our first night in Venice Beach turned out. Everyone was so awesome and came in with an open heart.


What People are Saying

“Amazing, talented and lovely”

“Gladys creates the perfect environment to explore, discover and enjoy. She created an absolutely delicious African meal. I am in complete appreciation of the time and energy she takes to provide this exquisite moment. Thank you.”

Brooke A.

“This experience was extraordinary!”

“Chef Gladys’ food was ridiculously flavorful and the entertainment truly paid homage to the Orishas. I felt completely connected to the food, the people around me, and the dining experience as a whole! Bravo… I will definitely be attending another one.”

Jessica F.

“I had a wonderful time!”

“The food was amazing the company felt like I was reuniting with old friends from the past life. I think one of the most magical things about dinners like these is that they allow us to connect with one another in a way that is personal, honest, and delicious.”

Asha D.

“Delicious food in a beautiful setting”

“Each dish was thoughtfully prepared with fresh ingredients…I love how the chef combined both her own West African roots as well as the Native American cuisine. The music and spiritual offerings in ceremony were very beautiful.”

Lisa V.

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